The Young Offenders Sell Out EP

by The Young Offenders

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An EP that collects various newer songs from the current post-Faultlines period. If we run out of free downloads, we'll probably put a link to get it free somewhere else.


released July 12, 2013

Simon "Sandy" Coll - Bass
Josh Duffenais - Drums, Production
Kurt Grunsky - Guitar, Vocals
Jacob Neufeld - Guitar




The Young Offenders Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Vaporize
Nostalgic season and I keep breathing
And I keep dreaming, but when it rains, it pours,
Clear blue skies cross your cloudy eyes,
This is not, this is not what I waited for,

Can't you feel it? We are in for nasty weather,
Grieving season, summers, they all blur together,
Rhyme and reason, wrap it up in finest leather,
All your pretty snowflakes, raining down on me,

Melting rivers and Indian givers,
The smallest shiver's a nice surprise,
Pressure cracks me, just call me a taxi,
I could fall for you, but I might vaporize,

What about Vitalogy, what about the Constantines?
What about the Smashing Pumpkins, what about our fever dream?
What about the heavy weather, what about the crooked rain?
What if it's not meant to be, but what if it's just not the same?
Track Name: Dr. Do-Good
Hey Dr. Do-Good, give me the cure,
I'm true, I'm honest, I'm righteous and pure,
But there's no such thing as 100%

And all the teen queens in their false scenes dreaming mean dreams got nothing on me,
I expect the due respect for keeping it clean,
Always held my tongue when I wanted to speak,
Had to starve my mind, let opinions grow weak,
But there's no such thing as 100%

Hey Dr. Do-Good, give me a prize,
I've been lying so long I can't look in your eyes,
Always bit my tongue when I wanted to shout,
I've been eating myself from the inside out,
But there's no such thing as 100%
Track Name: Stranglehold
Pack your bags, we got evicted by the moment again,
And the world is running out of quiet places,
In these dizzying times, we gotta race to stay behind,
But does it matter if we're all just terminal cases?

Ooh, baby, why don't you see?
They've got a strangle-hold on you and me,

Unplug, unravel the noose, it's not a life I'd choose,
Watching words and faces float on by,
We can't escape to paradise, they paved it all, there's nothing left of heaven but a shopping mall,
But I'm sure that we'd find somewhere if we tried,

Ooh, baby, why don't you see?
They've got a strangle-hold on you and me
Track Name: Riot Goin' On
I'm in love with your screwed-down hairdo,
I'm in love with your frame of reference,
I'm in love with the rag-time riots,
I'm in love, though it's not your preference,
I'm in love, I'm in love with your jazz,
I'm in love with the revolution,
I'm in love, as a matter of fact,
I'm in love with the new pollution,

Classic, tragic, overdramatic,
Almost romantic now that it's gone,
Passive, active, oh, so attractive,
This is how it sounds when there's a riot going on,

I'm in love with the Maple Spring, yeah,
I'm in love, so lost in the crowd,
I'm in love with your re-definitions,
I'm in love when the music's loud
Track Name: Leave
I'm taking a leave,
Let's leave together,
Fly out on a plane,
Sever the tether,
And you in your room
Sending your lists to me,
You and your past,
Your beautiful history,

I'm leaving the cold
And taking the snow,
I'm leaving the noise,
But stealing the show,
I'm leaving the buses
And taking a train,
I'm framing this life,
I don't want it to change,

And I'm too young to feel this old,
I'm to old to feel this young,

I'm taking a leave
To the land down under,
I'm taking a leave
To the world of wonder,
I'm taking a leave
Back in Times Square,
Let's hop on a flight
Going God knows where,

I don't want it to change